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There is a strong correlation between your safety, the quality of your training and the equipment you use. If you don’t feel safe and confident, you won’t have fun diving and having a good time is what it’s all about!

Decades of experience have taught us there are four requirements to the ultimate in diver safety. These four requirements are the foundation of our training.

The Four Diver Contributions for Safety

There is also a definite link between owning your equipment and being safe and confident in the open water. We recommend that every diver own a high quality Total Diving System.

The Total Diving System


The Total Diving System is all the equipment you need to go diving. Owning your equipment is the first step in complete diver safety. Understanding how it works is critical to your overall comfort and confidence during your diving adventures. When you are diving, it will reduce stress if you are familiar with the components you are wearing. If there is an emergency, you can be confident that your equipment will work properly. High Plains Scuba Center recommends that you own and practice using a high quality Total Diving System.

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  • Snorkeling System

  • Exposure System

  • Air Delivery System

  • Information System

  • Total Dive Log System

  • Buoyancy Control System

  • Specialty Training & Accessory System

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